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OTR Explained

‘On the Road’ Supplement explained:

The ‘on the road’ charge is a compulsory fee incurred when purchasing any new vehicle whether car or motorcycle the fee is still the same.

If you plan on using the vehicle on private property (field etc) you may not require this, if you feel this does not apply to your intended use of the vehicle please get in touch and we will help you find the solution.

For the £125 you get:

The Vehicle Registered to be used on the Road which is £70 to the DVLA
The vehicle will be road taxed for 1 year for you – £21
Number plate is a legal requirement, this is also supplied – £20
‘L’ plates for learners are placed on the bikes too which are £2.50 each – £5
Your Bike will have a full tank of petrol – anything up to £25 depending on the bike.

All this comes to well over £125 and most is a Legal Requirement.

If you have any questions regarding this supplement get in touch.