Dundee Scooters have been supplying budget 50 & 125cc motorcycles and scooters throughout the UK for 10 years.  Our experience with brands such as Lexmoto, Sinnis & Rieju mean we are in a prime position to offer you the best advice.

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  1. I need help. My airhead granddaughter lost one of keys for Lexmoto Monza. Tried to buy blank key from lex. Spares. they could only offer a short shank key. My granddaughter moped needs a longer key ( approx 8.5 mm overall) . The only suggestion from them is change the locks. Not very helpful.
    So, please help do you have a blank longer key
    Thank u

    1. Hi, sorry for the delay, we have been incredibly busy. Unfortunately we wouldnt have a longer spare no, and the best option in this case probably is to change the locks. the Lock set itself isnt that expensive and it isnt that difficult a job for someone with a little knowledge, even then there are plenty of vidoes on youtube.

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