Hyosung Motorcycles & Scooters

Founded in 1978, KR Motors, the parent company behind the Hyosung brand, has mastered the art of combining the most modern technology and innovative designs. Driven by passion for 36 years, Hyosung has become a leading manufacturer in Korea and in the World.
With a distributor network of 60 markets worldwide and the establishment of their own distribution company in the United States, Hyosung Motorcycles are also advancing its position in the global market. They will remain committed to technological advances to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers all over the world as we have done for many years.
There is a credible alternative to the ‘big four’ at the right price and without compromising quality, Hyosung – the In-Credible Alternative.

Warranty Conditions    Purchase Service Kit
Time Scale6 Months12 Months18 Months24 MonthsEvery 6 Months
Mileage500km / 310 Miles3000km / 1864 Miles5500km / 3417 Miles7600km / 4722 Milesevery 2500km / 1550 Miles