Looking for a good honest motorcycle insurance quote for your bike / scooter?  We have compiled a list of the companies that offer you the best deals more often…  try them all, you may save yourself a small fortune!  By using our unique code you will automatically get the best deal possible!

By using the links above you can benefit from discounts on your quote and if you go through with the cheap insurance cover we are paid a commission from the insurance company – we all win – Yeaaaa! Furthermore, if you are insuring a brand new vehicle that has not yet appeared on the insurance company registration you will need to call them to get cover. by using the following details we can all still benefit from discounts and commission.

  • Lexham Insurance – 01379 646 529 – Dealer Discount Code: LEX1270
  • BikeSure Insurance – 0330 123 1028 – Dealer Discount Code: G3249

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