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Lexmoto have come a long way in the last 5 years, and now they compete on sales per month with the likes of Honda, Yamaha, BMW and Ducati. As sales have grown, research and development has ensured Lexmoto motorcycles and scooters have been affordable and reliable machines. With the launch of the Euro 4 machines performance and reliablility is expected to be on par with thier Japanese rivals. If you are looking for an affordable cheap commutter, or something for a little bit of fun that wont break the bank, you really should check out Lexmoto. All Lexmoto vehicles are available on low rate finance, and our dedicated finance department will search through hundreds of lenders to ensure you are accepted and get the best deal possible.

Lexmoto LXR 125 Thumbnail2

Lexmoto Adrenaline 125

Lexmoto Tekken 125

Lexmoto Viper

Lexmoto Venom for sale

Lexmoto Valiant for sale


Lexmoto Falcon

Lexmoto XTR s for sale

Lexmoto ZSX R

Lexmoto ZSX F

Lexmoto Hunter

Lexmoto ZSX

Lexmoto ZSF

Lexmoto Aspire for sale

Lexmoto Michigan

Lexmoto Motorcycles are fantastic budget vehicles with style, performance and reliability to boot. Many of the range no longer requires and introduction as everyone has had or knows someone with or previously owned an Adrenaline. Possibly the most important bike to come out of the factory which has catupulted the companies impression into the main dealer scene and compete at the highest levels regularly outselling other manufacturers such as Ducati, Harley Davidson, Kawasaki & Yamaha.

Lexmoto Scooters

Lexmoto Diablo 125

Lexmoto Monza

Lexmoto FMR 125 for sale

Lemxoto FMR 50

Lexmoto FMX

Lexmoto Milano 125 for sale

Lexmoto Valletta

Lexmoto Vienna

Lexmoto Riviera

Lexmoto milano 50

Lexmoto Titan

Lexmoto Urban

Lexmoto Valencia

Lexmoto Echo for sale

Lexmoto Finance

Ever popular are the Lexmoto Scooters. From classic styling to sports tech, you will find it difficult to beat these when it comes to value for money. All brand new scooters come with a 3 year warranty giving you even more confidence that the machine is designed to last and keep you on the road mile after mile.


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