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Looking for motorcycle finance? And furthermore we also offer scooter finance too! Because our offers are the best, customers can take advantage by paying monthly for one of our bikes or scooters yet we can source ANY make or model.  Please fill out the secure motorcycle finance application form below.  It maybe looks like a lot of information but almost all of the information is especially relevant in getting customers the right deal.

You may be prompted to submit an application directly with one of our recommended lenders, this is normal, but feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns.  We will also supply any links to your email address so please double check it before moving to the next part.   Some of our lenders give you an instant decision online, so 10 minutes from reading this you could be the owner of a shiny new vehicle.

Our hand selected finance companies can also help those on benefits, disability, armed forced and self employed, especially if you have poor credit.  It all comes down to affordability, if you can prove that you can afford it then there is an excellent chance you will be successful.

How long do I have to wait for motorbike finance decision?

Finance advisors will aim to get an instant decision via text to your mobile. If your application is referred to an underwriter you should be waiting no longer than 24 hours.  Applying out of business hours or during busy times means the application may be processed the next business day.

Apply Over The Phone.

Alternatively; you can call us on 01343 548412 and we can process the application for motorcycle finance over the phone, if you have all the information ready, the phone application should probably take between 5 and 10 minutes to complete but due to busy periods could therefore mean you recieve a call back.

Application Tips for Motorbike Finance

Working 16 hours a week or more is classed as full time. Furthermore, applicants require to be minimum of 18 to qualify for motorcycle finance. Students are accepted but sometimes require a guarantor. Get in touch if you have any questions, our advisors are more than happy to help.

What about a Deposit?

Many of the prime finance lenders such as black horse changing their scoring of applicants has resulted in stricter motorcycle finance acceptance criteria.  Consequently one of the main contributing factors in being accepted now is the deposit, offering a minimum deposit of 10% shows the finance company you have the ability to save, and seems like you have the disposable income required.  As a result we HIGHLY recommend when applying you select the 10% deposit option to increase the likelihood of being accepted on cheap motorbike finance.

No Deposit?

If you choose not to offer a deposit your application will be more difficult to be accepted because lenders see the offer of deposit as coming from someone who manages their money and subsequently has control over their budget. 

Apply Via Post

In addition if you rather not to disclose details using the online form you can download this form, and return it by post or email (details supplied on the form).

Finally, when is my first motorcycle finance payment?

Either one month after signing the agreement, or in some case 2 months after.  As a result, in most cases you should recieve the bike or scooter before you make your first payment!  This does depend on stock availability, and even if the bike or scooter is out of stock your accepted motobike finance agreement can sit in limbo for up to 60 days before being processed. which is another way to guarantee you are first in line when the next batch are in stock.


Finally, Guaranteed Motorcycle Finance & Scooter Finance

Click Here for Guaranteed Finance on Motorcycles & Scooters

Cheap Motorbike Insurance

Use our recommended insurers below, due to our connection with these insurance companies make sure you tell them Biking Direct sent you.  Therefore you have a better chance of getting cheap bike insurance.
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Another especially relevent fact is that we are regulated and authorised to offer motorcycle finance by the Financial Conduct Authority.  Our authorised FCA License is HERE.

Want to check out the range of motorcycles & scooters again?  Use the following quicklinks to get to where you want to go to fast.  And furthermore, remember to return here to apply online for scooter & cheap motorcycle finance.

136 thoughts on “Motorcycle Finance”

  1. Hi there, once i have filled in the form, where do i send it to, do you have an email address i can scan and send it to?



  2. hi there im just wondering can you add the price of the halmit and jacket to the finance

    1. Hi, yes we can include clothing, helmet, accessories and even the cost of your CBT in with the Finance.

  3. Hi i was wondering how old do you have to be to get a scooter on finance? And can it be delivered to anywhere in the UK?

    1. You have to be 18 to get finance, and we can deliver anywhere in Europe so uk is no problem. Where do you need delivery to?

  4. Hello iv been lookinf at the pulse adrenaline, can i order by phone and when do i have to order by to get it sent to me but the 9th june thanks

    1. Hi, this is not possible, well, in fact we probably could manage but the DVLA will not be able to process the paperwork etc in that timescale, we can have the bike ready in half a day, but then you need to factor in Delivery and Paperwork etc… feel free to get in touch if you are still interested, we are one of the few places who have them in stock as we buy in more than anyone else.

  5. how long does it normally take to get the bike and to get all forms from DVLA thanks

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  7. Hello i might be getting a pulse adrenaline but anyway i dont understand what is (on the road) for 99 pounds does this mean you register bike and tax it and put on the number plate then deliver it when the finance has been acepted or do i have to do all that and pay for my cbt and Insurance :S (im new to all this )

    1. Hi, the OTR (on the road) supplement covers, the registration of the vehicle with the dvla, road tax for the first year, road tax holder, L plates, number plate and full tank of fuel. All you have to organise is your insurance and cbt. If you are in the Dundee area we offer the cheapest CBT’s in the area. Get in touch if you would like to know more information.


  8. Hello i soon be getting a pulse adrenaline on finance but i dont understand
    (on the road) for 99 pounds Does this mean you will register the bike and tax it for me etc… And all i have to do is Insurance and CBT or i have to do all that :S (im new to all this )

    1. Hi, the OTR (on the road) supplement covers, the registration of the vehicle with the dvla, road tax for the first year, road tax holder, L plates, number plate and full tank of fuel. All you have to organise is your insurance and cbt. If you are in the Dundee area we offer the cheapest CBT’s in the area. Get in touch if you would like to know more information.


  9. When taking out finance can you pay a deposit or is it as shown on your finance page. £0 Deposit only.

    1. Yes, you can pay a deposit, you can pay as much as you like, we just display t cost of paying no deposit as it shows the most you will have to pay on finance (excluding OTR and delivery). If you wish to pay a deposit please feel free to get in touch as we can supply you with an accurate quote just for you.


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      1. Hi, I am guessing you may have tried to submit a form… we did not receive anything under the name used in this message. Try again or get in touch, we can do it over the phone no problem.

  11. hi i went for finance on a lexmoto lowrider 125
    and was o surprised how easy it was thare was no hasle and the staff was very helpull
    with me it just felt right .they even helped me to get my cbt set up two
    i was so happy def recomend the carnoustie motorcycle shop
    mr fairweather

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  13. Hello. I’m looking to purchase an lexmoto lsm if I submit the for
    For finance today how long would it take to be delivered to essex uk ?
    Also how long does it take before I know if I’ve been accepted I’m 20years old ad work on full time employment


    1. Hi, thanks for your interest. The whole process can take from one week to 3 weeks depending on how quick you return the paperwork etc. Give us a call for full details.

  14. im 18 yrs old i dont have a job but i get £289 dla a monthe and £222 a monthe esa do u think i would get accepted for finance ?

    1. Hi, thanks for your enquiry, the finance company requires you to usually be in work, however we have had people on disability accepted. The only way to know is to try, but perhaps it might be easier if you had someone to be your guarantor who is working (this is the way for students too). This would help your situation. Which bike are you after?

  15. i have sent my documents off because i got accepted for finance and am just wondering how long from the day i sent them off i will receive the moped at my door thanks

    1. Hi Joel, we have to submit the documents to the finance company before we get any kind of payment, once they have sent us payment we then book the bike/scooter in for delivery – the scooter/bike would be with you within 9 days of this payment date.


    1. Yes, all our bikes come full assembled, with tax, L plates, number plate and even a full tank of fuel.

    1. Hi Ingus, we sent you an email on Wed 13th – its possible it went into your junk/spam folder. We have re-sent the email today.

  16. hi, i applied for finance for the lightspeed 2 on saturday the 16 march, just wondering whether im meant to receive a confirmation email, to asscertain whether you have received my application

    thank you

    1. Hi Joel, yes we did, and we have emailed you too… remember to check your junk / spam folder for mail.


  17. Hi there looking to get a bike on finance but I’m only 17 but in a fulltime job as an apprentice mechanic and have also passed my cbt so i was wondering if i woud be eligable for a finance

    leslie moore

    1. You are required to be at least 18 by law to enter into any financial contract such as this… perhaps a parent may be able to help you out?

    1. yes, although this is not our decision. We have a number of finance companies which we use – each more suited to personal circumstances.

  18. i filled out the form yesturday around 2pm and i havent had any reply if you could chase it up for me i would really apprieciate it i applied for the light speed 2 125cc

  19. Hey there, I’ve been looking at the wk 125 rr and really fancy it but I know my credit rating isn’t that great due to being silly when i was younger and not paying phone bills. Do you think there is any chance I will get accepted for finance? Thanks Connor

    1. Best thing to do is apply… we have a number of finance companies we use depending on credit scores etc… so feel free to apply – its not going to do any harm and we can try to work something out for you.

  20. Hi guys. I applied for finance before the weekend I realise it was a bank holiday on monday which is most likely why I have not received any word yet. I had a request for extras aswell for a helmet and bike lock if possible if any one can send me an email today too let me know if things are still being looked at or an outcome would be really appreciated thanks.

    1. Hi, yes we were closed. We will be in touch soon with some information for you… its been extremely busy on coming back… all good though

  21. Ive never had a finance before, im 18 with a good income and permanant job, will i get dened for a finance, is there any chance of being accepted despite ive never had a credit or finance or loan before?

    1. As long as you have been paying your bills you will have a better chance of being accepted… do you have a mobile phone contract? If you have never had any kind of credit in the past I would recommend that you speak to your bank about getting a credit card with a low limit, make a small purchase, DVD, CD etc, and pay it off immediately. This will get your credit score started which to be honest is quite important not just for buying a bike, but things in general. If you have any further questions feel free to get in touch.

  22. hello, i posted a comment yesterday that seems to of been deleted, and i also applied for a finance on sunday for the wk 125 sport motorbike, i have not yet received any emails, please can i get an update on this sent to me by email, id very much appriciate it, thank you for your time

    1. Hi, we posted your application on the 22nd may as it was accepted. You should have that by now. We do not delete any comments they are moderated. I have emailed you regarding the proposal as requested 🙂

          1. i applied for finance check, yesterday, has there been a response yet? (Kieran****@*****.com)

          2. You have been accepted, your documents will be with you within the next 48 hours. Any probs get in touch.


  23. hi I applied for finance for the pulse adrenaline today and was wondering how long it takes to be processed thanks..

  24. Hi i’m just wondering when will i receive an email notifying me of my finance application progress, i applied for the WK Go 50cc on monday 🙂

    1. We have emailed you this morning – please make sure you check your junk / spam folder.

  25. Hi was just wandering when I will have a reply on the finance of a wk 50 go? also I gave the wrong email address on the finance form, this is the correct one. Thank you . Rachel

  26. hoping the finance gets approved Ive had enough of riding my mountain bike to work lol!

          1. Hi, you should have received an email. could you check your email including you spam/junk folder… thanks

          2. with respect since Ive applied for finance Ive been sent over 100 emails offering me a loan! What one should I be looking for? Im assuming you must know who you’ve spoken to.

          3. none of those emails will be from us… we do not pass your email onto anyone… have you applied anywhere else?

          4. Ive not applied anywhere else for a loan! can you resend the email and can you tell me who I should get a email from (company name)

    1. They usually get back to you within 48 hours, although even though i’ve passed my finance, im still awaiting the papers to come through the post (i’ve been waiting just under a week now).

      Is there an update on when i will receive my finance papers through the post?

      Many Thanks

      1. We have sent a replacement set of documents to you the first ones could have gone missing in the post. You should receive the replacements within 48 hours (Royal Mail first class).

  27. Once you have sent the forms back, how long is it till the bike is delivered to my doorstep?

    1. This can be anything from a few days to a couple of weeks, really depends on a few factors…

        1. Depends on where you live, the courier company used, the bike you have ordered and how busy we are at the time… we deliver more than twice as many bikes throughout the UK than anyone else so you can imagine we are very busy, however we do have 4 mechanics who PDI the bikes every day so we do get things done as quickly as possible.

  28. Just wondering when I send the forms back is a provisional licence ok to send or does it have to be a full licence as I only have a provisional and my passport is expired??

  29. Sorry just wondering how I order my extras like helmet ect. Only gives me a payin option how do I add these to the finance or do I have to phone up to order?

    1. Hi Paul, you need to get in touch either by phone or contact us page/form with your full name, address and DOB so that we can check the system for you. We do email everyone so please remember to check your junk/spam folder.

  30. Hi just wondering when your going to reply to my application it’s been nearly 3 days now? 🙁

    1. Hi, thanks for getting in touch. We have emailed you and explained the delay in getting back to you. This was out of our control. Thanks

  31. Hi posted my documents a couple of days ago just wondering if uve received them yet an how long it will take to get the bike once uve received them

    1. As the registration document is no longer proof of ownership I do not see any problem with that, so yes, we can do that for you, or you can have your dad act as Guarantor which means the money will come from your account but your dad will have to make the payments if you do not.


  32. Hi posted my documents a couple of days ago just wondering if you have received them yet an how long it will take to get the bike once you have received them

    1. Hi, we have sent the documents back to you, should be with you today or tomorrow. Once we have received payment from the finance company for the bike we then get it ready and booked in.

  33. Hey guys just set off my license, just wondering if I was goin to get a delivery date on the pulse adrenaline as I need to book it off work ASAP 🙂

    1. Once the bike is paid out (when the finance company pay us) we will be in touch with Reg# and will let you know when it is booked in for delivery. Thanks

  34. Hi I have put wrong email on application for finance online do I need to fill out a new application? Thanks

    1. no, you do not need to fill out a new application, just get in touch with us if you do not hear anything within a few days.


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  39. hello, this website wont let me make an account? i applied for finance in the early hours of this morning and haven’t heard anything back yet?

  40. I tried filling out the form for finance but it says that I have to pick one of the optional extras. Do I have to choose one to get the finance? And what does OTR £99 recommended means?

    1. Hi Daniel,

      The optional extra’s are not required apart from “OTR”, This is your On The Road charge that supplies you with ; DVLA Registration(V5), Numberplate, L Plates, 1 Year Road Tax & A full tank of petrol.
      You need to select at least this box to continue.

      1. Hi i applied yesterday, and still heard no response I howevere think it will declined but If I get my aunty as gurantor or she gets it in her name as she has a mortgage will I get one?

        1. Hi Rory,

          Please contact Superbikeloans on 01625 353001 and ask for information regarding your proposal. If you have a gurantor it may help you in getting finance or for them to take the finance out personally.


    1. richie watterson

      somewhere in the region of 70mph is a decent estimate, the new Euro 4’s are a little slower than the previous E3 models but to be honest its a 125cc, if its speed you are after – get your full licence, much more power available then. thanks

  41. whats the best way of getting accepted for bike finance? I have only just turned 18 but really want the sinnis apache SMR, how do I go about getting it on finance? Do you guys do CBT’s and clothing too? This will be my first bike, would you recommend it for me? thank you.

    1. richie watterson

      The best way is to offer at least a 10% deposit, have a job working at least 20 hours per week, go for a bike that is classed as affordable (monthly payments are not going to be too expensive for your budget/wages), you are on the electoral role (registered to vote – this means the finance company can trace you at that address very easily), ensure that if you have any credit cards, loans, mobile phone contracts etc – that they are always paid on time every time. These are the most important factors in getting accepted for motorcycle finance, others are things such as providing a HOME phone number also helps. However, remember that we have a very successful acceptace rate for those applicants with POOR credit. We have the best acceptance rate in the business and always try to get everyone accepted and the BEST DEAL POSSIBLE! if you have any questions just get in touch, always happy to help. And yes, the SMR is a fantastic bike and I would recommend it to anyone over 5′ 5″, hope you are in that bracket. take it easy 🙂

  42. cant wait – my credit isnt the best but I got accepted on a bike here and it gets delivered this friday. feel like i’m dreaming. these guys got me accepted for finance when I thought I woudnt get it. over the moon 🙂

    1. leandro ferreira

      same happened to me i tried other places and got rejected tried here and got accepted.

  43. Alright I’ve submitted a form, not heard anything for like two days now! Tried to ring and no one is awnsering the phone?

    1. Hi Alex, sorry we are in the process of moving to larger premises so things are up in the air a bit, can you please give us a text on 07935000069 with your full name and we will get this looked into straight away. kind regards. please remember to text only, we do not receive calls on this number. thanks

  44. Not sure if my form was submitted could you give me confirmation please when free my phone number is+447535180***

  45. James backhouse

    Could you email me with my finance application details. I’ll be in work business hours. Thanks

    1. We have a very good success rate at getting most credit types accepted. Nothing to lose by filling out the form.

    1. this depends on your credit rating really, the better your rating the lower the APR as you are less risk, the worse your credit the higher the APR…

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