Finance Application Submitted

Thank you for your application, based on the information provided by you \’Close Motorcycle Finance\’ will send you an email.

to complete your proposal simply customise your quote to suit your requiements, fill in the information required and submit.  You should hear have a decision within the next 1-24 hours.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us on 01343 548412

 If you do not hear within 48 hours please use facebook messenger or call us.


If your application is successful, you will receive paperwork via email so please keep an eye on your junk / spam folder.

Upon receiving the documentation; you are required to print, sign and return our copy of the signed parts of the contract to us, with quiality copies or scans of identifaction documents required.  Once we receive the paperwork back from you we can then begin to work on the scooter / bike to get it ready for you.  We only get payment for the vehicle once the paperwork has been processed with the finance company.

We have a number of companies that we can use depending on your credit score and try to pick the best one suited to your requirements first as this will reduce the number of credit checks against your name & address.

If you have any questions in the meantime please get in touch, we are always happy to help and are proud to be the best company in the UK to buy your bike / scooter from.

If you have requested any Extra\’s please check our clothing website, by buying a bike from us you qualify for 20% off the RRP of any clothing and helmets!


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318 thoughts on “Finance Application Submitted”

    1. So so hope i can get accepted on my fist bike!! Would open up so many doors and opportunities, beautiful bike! Dream come true

  1. Just applied for my finance wk 125cc bike! hope i get accepted as this seems to good to be true!

        1. Hi Lauren, we have been closed for 2 weeks, please give us a call to discuss your application – 01241 238033. thanks

    1. You should get a reply today, just make sure you check your junk email folder too just in case it has gone in there… You should have a response by around 2pm… good luck.

    1. You should get a reply today, just make sure you check your junk email folder too just in case it has gone in there… You should have a response by around 2pm… good luck.

      1. i get about 900 per month dont think my finace is that great really hoping i get accepted because willing to pay weekly if i do get accepted so i can pay it off quicker really need to get this bike as its hard to get to work everyday and need a bike asap

          1. What’s the payment club?
            Applied for finance but self employed so don’t know if it’s going to work

          2. Hi, the fiance company is requesting three years woth of address history, could you please text this information to 07935000069.
            With the payment club, you pay the bike up when you can and then recieve the bike once the balance has been paid. This method is often used by customer planning to buy a bike for next summer.

  2. Just sent in an application, awaiting the good old “We’re sorry, we have been unable to accept your application at this time”. 😀

  3. Just applied for the WK GO 50, cant wait to see if i get accepted, this is going to be my first every bike!

    1. no, we require a passport or license for Identification purposes, so if all you have at the moment is a passport this would be accepted.

      1. I don’t have a licence yet or a passport I have I.d bit not them two would my I.d pass it’s all holographic it’s a citizencard

        1. Its the finance company who request passport or driving licence so the best thing to do would be to apply for your provisional license… you’d need it to ride a bike anyway!

  4. How long do the finance papers take to come through, i’m still awaiting them in the post (its been 3 days)

    1. Hi usually they arrive within a couple of days, if they still haven’t arrived by tomorrow please get in touch and we will send out a replacement pack…

  5. So I had been waiting for a phone call since 1:40pm and still nothing back regarding a finance application “great customer care” anyway so i did it online pretty easy now that its working, it wasn’t yesterday. Guessing i wont know until tomorrow even though it states you’ll get an answer in the same day.

    1. Hi Dean, Your application was received at 16:40 so it was pretty late in the day (We close at 17:00), and the page you are referring to says “We will usually let you know the same day” which in most cases we do, its when proposals are referred to underwriter’s the process can take longer, and as there is no point telling the applicant the proposal has been referred we wait for a decision before informing customers. We are a very busy business and do not sit around waiting for applications to come through.

      Your application has now been processed so check your emails.

  6. hi i filled out my application two days ago and i’ve heard nothing back, just wondering whats going on

    1. It is possible it will arrive today as it has been sent, if it has not arrived by Tuesday let us know and we will get another agreement sent out. Thanks

    1. Hi, you applied after our opening times, plus we are closed on a sunday… this is why you have not heard anything yet. You should hear something today, keep an eye on your emails (including your junk / spam folder).


    1. Obviously this situation is unfortunate and does not happen very often, however I do not see how this would stop you getting to work… how did you get to work before you received the bike?

      From our records although you selected £100 of extras on the application form you failed to inform us of what extras you would like… there is an opportunity to do this with the paperwork that is sent back (there is a notes section), we are damn good at this job however none of us have the capacity to read minds yet!

      Also, the bike was delivered quicker than any parcel would have arrived, it was picked up on Tuesday and Delivered on the Wednesday – most customers would be impressed with the speed of delivery. I will give you a call shortly to sort out the helmet situation, however I do feel that the comments are way over the top which is why I have had to edit them – that kind of language is not called for in the slightest.

    1. Hi Matt. We have tried to contact you regarding the remainder of the process, I have emailed you regarding one more thing that we require… can you check your email (check your junk folder too) and we can get the process complete and the bike dispatched.


  7. Quick and stress free application, on holiday for two weeks. Gonna be sitting here twiddling my thumbs until it arrives 🙂 can’t wait. Thank you so much guys

  8. Hey Guys, Just did my application, hope it goes through. Said I wanted to pay a deposit on it but forgot to mention I don’t want to (and can’t) till the 30th. Can I just hold back on returning the paper work if you accept? Mark

    1. The deposit is not required straight away… we can take the payment before we dispatch the bike if this is easier, it also means that you will get the bike quicker…

  9. hi i emailed my insurance to you friday evening, just wondering if anyone knew what day my r125 would be delivered just so i know to wait in that day?

    1. Hi Matt, as soon as I know I will let you know… the bike will be dispatched pretty soon however I wouldnt like to make a guess. As soon as I know it is booked in for delivery – I will let you know. The courier company will get in touch with you usually the day before they deliver it as its in their best interests to ensure someone is there to sign for the bike. If you have any more questions please get in touch.


  10. Thanks for the great customer service! Looking forward to hearing from you! Thanks alot again.

  11. Hey guys. Just wondering how my finance applications going? Put it in on Sunday so know you wouldn’t have it till Monday. Not trying to rush you, just curious. Mark

  12. Sean Rosenthal

    Hey guys, just wondering if you had an update on my WK? When you think it’ll be ready for delivery, also how will the courier contact me? Cant remember what number I gave yourselves, will they deliver even if they can’t get hold of me, I work quite long hours, but there will always be some in to sign for it. Cheers.

  13. well i see i got put to a page with loads of people commenting about hoping to be accepted , i to am also hoping to be accepted!!

  14. Just applied, so have everything crossed. Not holding breathe as hate to turn blue….never have luck in these sort off applications. 🙂

    1. we genuinely do the best we can to get you accepted – we are the ones who turn blue 😛 we’ll be in touch as soon as we have any news, failing that feel free to get in touch anytime!

  15. Hi, I just submitted my application and aware you guys are not open on Sundays but could you please tell me if a provisional license is ok for proof of I.D ? And if so would I receive it back in the post ? I currently don’t have a passport or full uk driving licence and would be very upsetting if thats the only thing holding me back as I really want the adrenaline pulse.

    Thanks for your time

    1. Hi Glyn,

      Yes a provisional ID is suitable – both parts must be provided (plastic and counterpart). This would be returned in the post to you the same day that we receive it via recorded delivery, which usually arrives the next working day.

  16. Hi ive applyed for finance, i hope i get approved, ive also applyed for extras quite interested in the spada gear for 170, but im a fat ******* so if the jacket dosent fit can i change it? im usually xl but being a bike jacket is it worth goin for the xxl?

  17. Just filled in my app for the wk 125 rr really hope I get it as I see quite a few happy customers above and really want my first bike. Fingers crossed 😀

  18. just submitted my application I hope I get accepted need a bike to get back and forwards to work I can easily afford monthly payments.

  19. My license address is different to my current address I haven’t had to to change it over is this a problem and hope I get my WK RR 😀

    1. No, its fine, this just means that the finance company will check the address on the licence too… just remember to send both parts

  20. put in for a application for a wk 125 sport i hope i get it havnt had much luck in my life…. my first bike by the way… just past my cbt…

  21. hi hav there been a result yet its doin me head in lol i really want to be excepted for this bike it would be a life changer 🙂

  22. Really hope I get this bike would save my life I’m havin to bike 16 miles a day for work and to see family fingers crossed 🙂

  23. Just applied for a new GP125 EFi.
    Really hope I get it as my other has died and my outgoings will now go up from £80/month to £240/month! who says public transport is affordable???

  24. Just applied for Pulse Adrenaline 125cc I hope i get it.
    I sick of my old CG every time its rains the bike stops working ,It starts but when i rev it engine gos dead.

    Lets hope for the best

      1. Hi

        Thanks for Replay especially on weekend.

        Would You guys take my honda cg 125 for part exchange or something like that?



        Thank you

    1. Hi Ross, just thought I would let you know that I have checked and re-checked all applications but I cannot see anything with your name… can you either fill out again or give us a call, we can process the application over the phone too – no problem. cheers

  25. Just emailed application, need a top box too but don’t know where this comes under, anyway fingers crossed I’m accepted for finance then we can sort the top box out, I hope. 😀

    1. no worries, we will be in touch tomorrow, we can include the price of the top box in the finance if you want… if you get an accepted email then simply reply with your request for additional items and we will re-propose the application with the additional extra’s.

  26. Just been through the finance application. Really easy to use and seems legit. Im just hoping i get accepted!!!!

  27. Just applied for my first scooter bit late at night I know but been after a scooter for a long time will get me to work and back so much easier and quicker

    1. if you could use the contact form on the contact us page that would be great. We would then have your details such as mobile number to contact you when the new system is in place…

    1. fingers crossed seemed to work out well for you 😛 we will be in touch with reg number etc once all paperwork etc sorted out.

  28. just applied for the pulse adrenaline 125 on a 3 year plan , lets hope it gets accepted, cant wait to hear back !!!!! 🙂

  29. I just applied to this how u said how can 8 contact you for the second hand wksp125 if I get accepted and what is the price for it? Good luck to everyone hope they accept

  30. richard ig reece

    ah forgot to ention ive got a deposit, about 500 pounds. fingers crossed im accepted. id love a trails bike for work and play 😉

  31. richard ig reece

    ah forgot to mention ive got a small deposit, about 500 pounds. fingers crossed im accepted. id love a trails bike for work and play 😉

  32. Just applied for Yamaha 125cc I’ve had bad credit rating in the past so I hope I get this 🙂

  33. Just applied for finance on the ruegi mrt pro (horribly spelt wrong lol)
    I hope I get accepted as I’m in need of transport to further my job!

  34. Easy to apply, trying to get a wk 125 sport for work as it will be a lot cheaper then getting another car, can’t go wrong for £54 a month and 100 a year insurance.

  35. Just applied for finance on lexmoto tornado 125. Really hope I get accepted! Will be my first bike and very excited. Please accept my application!

    1. Ideally its best being your own address… we will see what the finance company has to say about it. cheers

  36. michael leslie raymond

    hi sent a finance for last night for a rieju rs3 125 was wondering if I had been accepted cheers mike

    1. Usually 48 hours but we can be and are very busy. If you have not heard from us within that time feel free to get in touch.

  37. hi i put in for a application about a week and a hlf ago and havnt heard nothing bk could you tell me what going on please i cnt remember what email i put down it was either the one ive put on this comment or the yahoo one

  38. Just applied for my first bike on finance!! really hope I get accepted. keeping everything crossed for it 🙂 PLEASE ACCEPT MY APPLICATION. will make me so damn happy!!!!!

  39. My licence currently doesn’t have my new address on due to moving house recently, would this affect my finance application

    1. this wouldnt affect your application. You’d be surprised how many people dont update their address! The finance company will simply do a credit check on that address too so as long as there’s nothing connected to that address you should be fine. 🙂

  40. Just applied hope all goes well can’t wait to start riding :)…look forward to hearing from you guys soon 🙂

  41. Hi I applied for finance 2 days ago and have not heard anything could you please let me know what’s happening with my application

    1. Hi, thanks for your application, you should have heard pretty much instantly however if you didnt I would put this down to us perhaps using our secondary finance company which does take a little longer to get a response. If you still haven’t heard (you should have heard from them directly) please get in touch and I will chase this up for you. thanks

  42. Just applied for the wk r125
    I’m 17 on a 20 hour contract a week
    What is the chance that I’ll get accepted ?

  43. Just applief for finance on a Lexmoto XTR s 125cc, been really hopeful over the last couple weeks but due to a bad credit rating I know I wont be accepted but I’m trying it anyway plus my debt is going to be clear with in the next 6 weeks! Just incase I do get accepted will it be possible to pay more than your monthly payments?? Would be ideal to be able to

  44. not sure if i have filled in the form correctly. there did not seem to be enough space for some of the info that was required.

    if there is any problems please call me just in case i have made an error.


  45. Applied for a yzf r125 really love the bike test driven one fell in love with them just fingers crossed I get the finance sorted waiting fingers crossed for my dessision

  46. Matthew Bach-Nutman

    I just applied for a Lexmoto 125cc Gladiator! I hope i get accepted as i really need a bike for work! Fingers Crossed, but i must say, easy application form!!

  47. applyed for my finace tday on a 125 pulse phantom and some £100 pound in extras just wounderd wen id be looking for a acceptence email rely hope i get it as this is my last chance for it realy now

  48. Just applied. I am hopeful but this veteran has had a lot of bad luck so if I’m accepted it will be mind blowing for me.

  49. Just applied. Been knocked back before with a different finance company. For things on my record 7 years ago.

    This credit scoring system can be a pain in the ass but hopefully I can get it.

    1. Hi Barry, can you get in touch, one of our lenders have been trying to get in touch with you for a few days now. thanks

  50. Hi just applied hope i get accepted as this will open doors for my promotion to become a shift manager. Really looking forward to the future now.

  51. i have just applied for the finance on a bike i cunt put a pic on my lap top if asked can i just send it threw email ?

    1. Hi Darrell, we text you a while back as the bank details you supplied were incorrect. Can you get in touch asap as we no longer have your details. thanks

  52. Im 17 but ive got all the requirements for finance accept the age, would i be able to get it with a guarantor such as my parents?

    1. not any more, 17 year olds used be accepted however all banks have changed their lending requirements and no longer accept anyone under 18 years of age. thanks

  53. hi if i get accepted for finance can i get my bike delivered to my work address as thats where i almost ive these days

  54. sent all information required and look forward to hearing from you soon. Hopefully be on the road again soon.

    1. Hi Connor, sorry to hear that, we do tend to process all applications the same or next day so its possible your application has not been getting submitted properly, give us a call and we can sort it out for you. thanks

  55. really hope i get excepted for a wk 125rr . just wondering do they require a deposit if so how do i pay it

  56. Just applied for my sinnis 125 motorbike on finance, hoping i get good news as looking to get back on the road after my hit and run in October 2014. Fingers crossed i don’t get a email with, sorry your application has been declined.

    1. Hi Hayden, its been crazy busy in here lately, if you could give us a call to discuss that would be great, my name is Richard – ask for me and I will find out all the info you require. thanks

  57. Just applied for my first bike! Fingers crossed I get it…Have been waiting for a bike for so long and now we have move to the middle of nowhere I am excited about having freedom!

  58. Pleaseeeeee!!! I really hope I can get this!! My old bike had just stopped working, can I trade as a non runner and pay £700?? Would that make things any better??

    1. Hi Nicolas, we dont really do trade ins – however let me know what you have got and what you are looking to get. thanks

  59. Hello, I’m thinking about getting the ajs sjm 50, but my Aunty who I live with would have to get the finance as I’m 16, can she get the finance and I ride the bike or does the finance payee have to ride the bike? It’s just I want a new bike! Thanks!!!

    1. a family member can take the finance out on your behalf yes, we can register the bike in your name though if that is what is required.

  60. Just applied really hope i get this bike. I cant bare public transport anymore after having a bike for 2 years that unfortunaly blew up halfway on a 30 mile trip

  61. Just applied for finance after searching the web for so many hours. Probably the same outcome. Not accepted or need a guarantor.. Pulling in £1200 a month wouldnt take long to pay the bike off but just don’t have funds to go straight out and pay for it in one. HOPE I GET ACCEPTED bus at 5 in a morning is a killer

  62. Just wanted to know is there any shops to pick the bile up in north london
    As I live in islington I dont want to have to travel way to far
    Regards William.

    1. Hi Lewis, really sorry buddy but we have just noticed that you are not yet 18 years old… all finance companies require their clients to be 18 or over. A family member could take the finance out on your hehalf if that is an option. cheers

  63. Really easy service too use, I’ve just applied however I do have bad credit so I was wondering if a guarantor can be used if necessary? Many thanks

  64. i applied today , hope I can get a answer tomorrow and a good one! im very happy hope i can get the finance , i really need a scooter!

    1. Hi Liam,

      We got your application! We’ve submitted it with one of our lenders and they should be in touch with you to discuss getting finance in more detail, Thanks.

    1. Hi Gareth, sorry to hear that but I have been unable to locate your application. It is possible that it didnt get processed properly, feel free to give us a call and we can go over this with you on the phone.

  65. Just applied for my first proper supermoto. So hoping it is accepted! Will he such a huge weight off of my shoulders. Walking miles to work everyday will be no longer!

    1. Hi Taylor, sorry for the late reply, its been crazy busy here… how did you get on, did you get accepted? thanks

  66. FINGERS CROSSED applyed today for my venom se finance i dont have great credit so lets see wat these nice guys can do 🙂

  67. Just applied for the wr125x, Hopefully I get accepted as it will be real life changing experience to own one of those brand new bikes!! #FingersCrossed

    1. Hi Sheree,

      You’ll Be glad to know it was accepted with a small deposit! Once you sign the paperwork and get it posted back to us we can look into getting your bike ready as we currently have both colours in stock.


    1. Hi, we are just going through comments now, we dont usally monitor them as frequently as we just dont have the time. If you still have not heard give us a call on 01382 611 244.

    1. Hi, we are just going through comments now, we dont usally monitor them as frequently as we just dont have the time. If you still have not heard give us a call on 01382 611 244.

    1. Hi, we are just going through comments now, we dont usally monitor them as frequently as we just dont have the time. If you still have not heard give us a call on 01382 611 244.

  68. 48 hours since first application, still not heard anything from either despite using the contact us form to try and find out

  69. just applied for lexmoto venom 125 nice looking bike for the price my credit is bad and had trouble getting finance everywhere else trying to rebuild credit and get on the road hope this works out……….

  70. Hi my mum applyed for finance and got accpted but got email saying she needs to send photo of driving licence but dvla still has it and will take couple weeks to get it back what can she do

  71. Fingers crossed – this would be a godsend! At least there’s a Christmas club kind of thing available if not which is actually pretty cool of this company to do

    1. Hi Lewis, we monitor the website comments less than calls and emails which is the reason for the delay in responding. If you are still waiting for informaiton please get in touch – best calling 01382 611 244.

  72. Just applied i wont hold much hope though as credit rating is not great, i have been cycling to work, i visit people at there homes to help them with every day things we take for granted, this is my last hope of saving my legs and back since last friday alone ive covered over 90 odd miles ( peddle power ) reading the comments it seems a lot of people have been accepted i hope im one of those as this will be the game changer ive been looking for 🙂 help me help my customers

    1. Hi David,

      Sounds like you do quite a distance!
      We try to get every one accepted, and we do have a good rate of acceptance due to how many people we get accepted.

      If you could give us a call on 01382 611244, We’d be glad to help you.

  73. Thank you to my girlfreind for the credit check ect and thank you to the company for outstanding help over the phone as i wasnt 100 percent sure on what to do im a simpleton if you get what i mean hope to hear back on the results very soon will recommend to freinds at work. i applied for lexmoto oregon hope i get it!!!!

    mery christmas to you all

  74. Just applied, hoping I get it! Been waiting to get my bike for a while, everywhere it’s out of stock! Fingers crossed

  75. I just passed my CBT and plan on buying a scooter cash next month im getting impatient so ive applied for finance and ill just get a settlement figure next month and pay it off i need a scooter now the good weather is wasting.
    ill get the usual unsuccessful letter but i tried. 🙂

  76. I have just applied for a 125cc scooter on finance. My credit rating is pretty bad so I’m not expecting much. I would be so happy though obviously. I’m 24 nearly and never had 1 driving lesson so i need to start somewhere.

  77. Phoned and enquired about A bike today brilliant customer service, Submitted application, I can’t wait!

    1. Hi Alistair,

      Thanks for that!
      Your application should be processed today, you will receive a call from a company called “Superbikeloans” Hopefully they will be able to get your that Lexmoto XTR-S 125!

  78. hello, i forgot to mention id like to pay a deposit on my application for finance? would that be something i could sort out on the application if accepted?

    1. Hi Keah,

      As we would need to know your chosen deposit amount before your application is processed, could you please contact us on 01382 611244 or alternatively text us with your name and deposit amount on 07935000069.


    1. fajjwfjw afjajwjawj

      Hi Michael,

      Unfortunate to hear! We’ve passed your application onto the finance company, they should be in touch with you later today.

    1. Hi Daniel,

      Your application is with the finance company at the moment. They should be in touch with you within 24 hours.


  79. i applied yesterday and not its the waiting time for me . this bike would mean a lot to me as it will help me to get to and from work rather then spendining money on taxi . i just hope i get acceted.

    1. Hi Agata,

      Your application has been passed to the finance company, they should be in touch with you later on today to discuss your decision.


    1. Hi Wesley, sorry, we just notcied this request, I hope we did text you initially. if you need any further assistance please get in touch.

  80. I have just applied for the LEXMOTO XTR S it looks great and the website offers great deal for it with all the add ons you can get

    1. Hi, you can text us on 07935000069 – we do not answer calls on this number, texts only. If you wish to call you can get us on 01343 548412. thanks

    1. Hi, this has probably been actioned already – any questions just give us a call or drop us another message. thanks

  81. I have poor credit rating and I am on benefits at the moment I have saved and have got £600 saved and saving £300 a month so I can affors the fiancé but will I get accepted for fiancé on the lexmoto lxr 125 that I want ??

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