Biking Raffle Prize Draw – Freshers Fayre, Dundee University: 08/09/12



Hi, and welcome to the Dundee University Freshers Fayre Prize Draw 2012.

The Prizes consisted of:

1st Prize – RST Alpha Textile Jacket and Trousers

2nd Prize – £100 Gift Voucher

3rd Prize – Box BX-1 Motorcycle Helmet

The Raffle was carried out in reverse order, so the first number out of the hat/bin  😛  was 3rd Prize, second out of the hat was 2nd Prize, and last out of the hat was 1st Prize.

Some of the entries email addresses were not very clear, we have tried to email you regarding the draw however some emails have not been accepted – and in some cases we had too many digits for phone numbers.  We have tried to either email or text everyone, if you did not receive any communication please accept our apologies – this was our first year at such an event and next year we will be much more organised and are open to any idea\’s or suggestions you may have to improve next year.

The winners have all been contacted and hopefully we will have a photo shoot in the near future when they come to collect their prizes.

So… just to clarify… the winning tickets were, 69 – who wins the Helmet (3rd Prize), 79 – who wins the voucher (2nd Prize), 85 – who wins the RST Clothing (1st Prize)


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