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WK Bikes

Here at Dundee Scooters we stock and supply all WK Bikes & Scooters.  Our highly trained staff will make sure you select the right WK motorcycle or scooter for your requirements.  There are many choices of motorcycles and scooters from WK and something to suit everyone from the budget learning commuter, to the fully licensed enthusiast.   Below is all the scooters and bikes available from WK – check them out, read the reviews and ask questions.

New models are being added all the time so keep checking.  For the retro scooter fan we would recommend the VS 125 (or VS50) – Modelled on the Piaggio / Vespa Scooters.  It has been well finished and it is very obvious that there has been a focus on attention to detail throughout the design stage.  Not only that but its insane value for money, don’t forget that you get a 2 year warranty as standard with these WK Bikes!  For the commuter we would advise you to consider the WK 125R, its a great commuter bike with fantastic fuel economy and large capacity fuel tank.

For the fully licensed rider the WK 650 is a full sized bike with modern style, design and technology but a smidgen of the cost of similar Japanese bikes.  Also available is a WK Touring bike. We cover more area of the UK than any other dealer and can deliver WK Bikes & Scooters anywhere in Europe!  Looking for Finance on a WK Bike or Scooter? no problem, we are the UK’s #1 Finance Provider for lightweight motorcycles and scooters, click here to apply or get a quote now!

WK Bikes & Scooters


Get an insurance quote now by calling the insurer or clicking the link below: using our individual reference number could get you a much better deal! Model #

BikeSure 0800 089 80700800 089 8070 #G3249

Lexham 0845 600 16640845 600 1664 #L2111

Swinton 0800 092 67020800 092 6702 #SW000392

Carol Nash 0800 083 44220800 083 4422 #7867

Already bought a WK Bike or Scooter? If you haven’t already left us a review then please do so – Generic Ones below or click on the actual WK Bike or Scooter and leave a review.



The Models below are discontinued but left live for useful information for the years which follow with regards to spares and maintenance advice:
250cc Scooter WK Sp50 50cc Supersport Motorcycle WK SP125 Supersport MotorcycleWK GTR 300 cc ScooterWK SP250Wk 450RX SupermotoWK go 50cc Scooter WK Mii 50 cc Scooter WK 50cc Replica Vespa Scooter Replica Piaggio Scooter WK Bellissima 50cc Scooter WK GP 2 Scooter WK GP 125 cc Scooter WK 125 SC Scooter WK 125 C Scooter WK GTR 50cc Sports Scooter

7 Replies to “WK Bikes – Scotlands #1 Authorised Dealer & Service Center

      1. Hi, spares for WK’s are quite scarce, I would recommended checking quadzilla parts for these as they are the WK importer. thanks

    1. Hi John, no they are not and to be honest we wouldnt recommend them… they were well priced but thats it. the reliability of them was pretty dismal, the electrics were problematic and the tanks leaked all the time. In the end we stopped selling them. I would recommend you avoid them all together. Far better off paying more for a Rieju RS3 50 which we supply, or if you need something under £2000 I would recommend the AJS JSM 50 which we also supply.

  1. Hello there was just wondering if you could please help me I’m trying to find out what size rear wheel bearing I need for my WK 125RR 2014 as no where or no one seems to know the answer ?

    1. Hi Zachary,

      We would not have the size recorded.
      An alternative option is to phone WK yourself directly so that they would be able to give you an answer. (01507 523900)

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