WK650 TR World Record!

WK 650TRWK’s fast-selling 650TR sports/touring model has smashed the Guinness World Record for the Longest Motorcycle Journey in a Single Country, travelling a total of 29,500 kilometres in 131 days around China.

The liquid-cooled, twin-cylinder, four-stroke WK650TR is made in China by CFMOTO to WK’s unique UK specification and Canadian Buck Perley and Anglo-Chinese Amy Mathieson used the Chinese specification CFMOTO 650TR model to break the record last month, beating the previous record set my an American who covered 29,034 kilometres around the USA.

“We chose the 650TR because it ticked all the boxes for us,” explained Perley. “It comes as standard with luggage and a full fairing and easily accommodated myself and Amy comfortably.

“We travelled through mountains, deserts and grasslands and had no technical problems whatsoever. In fact the only wear and tear replacements were two changes of tyres, which clearly demonstrates the reliability of the 650TR, given the challenging state of some of the roads and tracks.”

Buck and Amy didn’t stop at breaking the world record and have continued on their journey, so the final new record distance is still accumulating. You can follow their progress at

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